The Traveling Catholic

The Traveling Catholic

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Eureka Springs, AK

I thought for the first blog post I'd start with the first trip my husband and I took as a married couple.  We went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas for our honeymoon in 1996.  We went to mass at a different church while we were there, but we visited St. Elizabeth's while touring the town one day.  The history of the church begins in 1882 with it being dedicated as St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in 1909.
The front entrance...
the altar...
the Mary side...
the Joseph side...
Being in the mountains made it all the more interesting. 
They had a raised walkway ramp with the stations of the cross along it leading from the bell tower, which is free standing, to the front doors of the church.
A closer view of the stations...
And this is the view of the church from the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.
You can see the unattached bell tower in the picture too.  Pretty, huh?
If you'd like to visit the church or read more about it click here for their webpage.

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